Using open data to discover public art

Vancouver Public Art Map

Vancouver Public Art Map


The Vancouver Public Art Map is a self-initiated project that emerged out of browsing datasets from the City of Vancouver's Open Data Catalogue.

Powered by Google Maps API, the web application allows users to discover and explore hundreds of public art pieces exhibited around the city of Vancouver dating from 1905 to the present day.

Vancouver Public Art Map pop up windows


The process began with the task of munging data — cleaning up and converting the City of Vancouver's CSV file into JSON format to make it usable. I referenced much of Google Maps APIs documentation to build the application and created visual assets in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to forgo mocking up the design, choosing instead to work entirely in the browser.

Vancouver Public Art Map on three phone screens


I chose a dark theme for the base map and a contrasting semi-transparent marker colour to be able to identify and emphasize clusters of public art pieces from afar.