Mary Castellanes

Literary Landmarks

UX/UI Design — Web Development — Illustration

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Literary Landmarks home page

Literary Landmarks is a collaboration between Vancouver Public Library, B.C. BookWorld and the VPL Foundation, through the support of Dr. Yosef Wosk. The project features various plaques scattered across lampposts in the city of Vancouver to commemorate authors who have made meaningful contributions to the city’s literary landscape. Meanwhile, the website acts as an online archive and discovery tool for Vancouverites stumbling across the plaques for the first time.

Literary Landmarks home page Liteary Landmarks author cards

Initially hosted on Wordpress, the Literary Landmarks microsite underwent a redesign when it was migrated to Drupal, the Vancouver Public Library’s Content Management System. Within Drupal it was possible to use features native to the CMS, such as search filters to narrow down author listings by neighbourhood, as well as an interactive map. I used Figma to experiment with different designs before jumping into building the microsite in Drupal.

Liteary Landmarks author page

Although the visual design is a bit of a departure from the original design of the physical plaques, it uses similar shapes inspired by the city’s landscape and vibrant shades of green to create a unique visual identity for the web presence. These design decisions make Literary Landmarks distinct from other parts of the main library website.

Literary Landmarks mobile device screenshots